In environments where seconds count, and a good or bad day can mean the difference between life or death -
BLACKWATER assures you of a positive outcome

BLACK WATER is a professional, South African based organization with strong ties to the EMS and
Special Forces / Law Enforcement Communities.
The BLACKWATER Group of companies provides you with a turnkey solution for all of your requirements, from
Tactical gear and Accessories to Accredited Training for High Risk Operations, Personal Security Details,
Tactical Medicine and Man-Tracking. Our objective is to provide customers with a 'one stop shop', encompassing all
needs and requirements and constantly developing and enhancing our services and products.
There is an increasing number of people out there who claim to have 'dome it all'. Take a walk with us and let us
show you what it means and feels like to be a skilled, quiet professional.
We have a saying at BLACKWATER: Some days you eat the lion, Some days the Lion eats you. Some days you bothy walk away

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phone: +27 861 116107 | email: info@blackwater.co.za